This winter, just after Christmas, I received my new paddleboard from Jobe Sup paddle board, and to be honest I couldn’t resist very long before to go try it. There is a small lake, L’étang du Cora, close to where I live near Paris and it was the perfect spot to go try it out!

L'étang du Cora near where I grew up in Saint Germain en Laye. Photo by Marion.
18 PSI pressure is tough to reach... but it makes the board very rigid!

What’s my SUP?

I’ve chosen to go with the Jobe Duna, an inflatable paddle made for touring so the shape is long, 11”6 and narrower than an all-rounder board. The board is equipped with bungee cords on the front and on the back to carry dry bags.

It should be perfect for multi days trips. I can’t wait to try it next summer.

First paddle strokes with my new toy! Photo by Marion.

It has been an amazing board so far, fast and pretty easy to steer even though its decent size. I’m still getting used to the balance on it as it’s a little less stable than the boards I used to use before.

Next summer I’m planning on doing rivers and lakes trips and this board will be perfect for putting the tent and camping equipment on.

Road trip with a SUP in the boot

In January I had a photo exhibition organised in the French Alps and my plan after it was to keep driving. First to Switzerland, then to the south of France until reaching the côte d’azur. From there I drove to Marseille where I tried the SUP in the waves.

I’ve put the bag of the SUP under my bed in the van, I wasn’t sure it would fit but it did well. I had in my van at the same time, my bicycle, snowboard and shoes, hiking gear, climbing gear, camping gear and SUP. My van was definitely loaded up for adventure.

On the french riviera on my private beach for a night.

First step, the photographic exhibition. It is about ice, snow and photography. I made my series about the time I spent in New Zealand. Then I drove to Morges to meet my friend and yoga teacher Sophie. We always went on paddle trips last summer as she got two boards but this time I wanted to try mine on a bigger distance. Once we were all set up, we headed to lac Leman which is just at the end of her garden and to a huge ship that appears to be abandoned. The plan was to go much further but the wind was quite strong and it started to be a bit difficult to handle the boards. We had a tea on the boards while being protected by the big abandoned ship then we paddled back home.

Sophie on Leman Lake, in Morges.
Myself paddling nearby the pier. Photo by Sophie.

The day after we went to another lake and this time a huge part of the lake was frozen. It was amazing to be able to be on the SUP over the ice. I took some shots with my drone and the pics are really graphic!

On the way to the frozen lake in Switzerland. Photo by Sophie.
On the edge of the frozen lake in Switzerland try to find a way in. Photo by Sophie.
Ready to hit the frozen lake without the fin.
Clélia and Sophie practicing yoga on the frozen lake.

After a couple of days in Switzerland, I decided to drive towards the south of France and I found the perfect spot to park the van right in front of the beach. As it is low season everything is closed and during all my stay I haven’t crossed path with any other living beings. This means I had a private beach all to myself. I pumped up the board and hit the water. Even if it was Winter the water was very blue and crystal clear. First time ever paddling on salt water. It was amazing to be able to roam along the coast and reach places you can only go by boat or SUP.

an old gate just at the bottom of a cliff. The house up there must be huge.
Using my Outex gear to take some underwater photos.

I spent easily 3 hours on the water then went back in front of « my private beach » and sat on the board to meditate for a few minutes. It was amazing to be here alone floating on the water. I think SUP is a very meditative tool. You just sit, close your eyes, focus on your breath to calm the mind and feel the rhythm of the calm water under the board. Such a blissful experience.

Look where was parked my van and I all the beach for myself. Best spot ever.

Finally, I went to Marseilles where I met with a childhood friend. We haven’t seen each other for over 5 years due to the fact that I was living abroad during that time. He had a board as well so we decided to go try the boards on waves. Well… due to the storm which happened during the precedent days the waves were sometimes up to two meters high. Needless to say, it was a mission! After two hours fighting with the waves I was done, exhausted but I realised that my board was handling waves very well!! It was really easy to reach the peak even with the huge amount of white water to cross. Just putting my weight on the back and the rocker was high enough to go over it.

I love this board, It’s easy to pack, very rigid when inflated to 20 psi and pretty lightweight. The bag to carry it is a great idea but it is maybe a bit too big according to the size of the board. Even though it might be a great idea for travelling in planes with it so you could stack in some clothes.

from high up in the sky the frozen lake is really nice. Photo by Sophie.

Stay tuned for more adventures to come and don’t hesitate, a SUP is just the best choice when it comes to explore on water especially because by standing up you get a pretty amazing view on what is underneath you and on what is far away too.

Enjoy the water!